depression comix #303

Back to this couple. One of the difficulties of being in a relationship with depression is that it’s during the times that the symptoms are worst that you need the most support, but the symptoms often make you have to support your partner through it. So during your worst spells you’re often supporting TWO people through the storm, because the other person doesn’t understand and is freaking out.

One good way through this is good communication obviously — not just during the rough parts but through the times where it’s smooth sailing. Having your partner make an attempt to understand the illness and the medication is a must as well. Sadly, on one hand it feels selfish to require this of another person but it’ll make things worse if you don’t. A lot of people choose not to be in relationships because of this, which is sad because isolation makes things worse. Which do you choose? It’s a difficult decision, to take the high risk of a relationship or low risk of being alone. Unfortunately the partner may not be aware of how high the risk is.

This commentary is a bit rambly but I hope to show the problems with getting involved if you’re a depressed person with these characters. Depression can make you disabled in a relationship in ways that aren’t particularly clear until you are in the relationship, and then it’s too late and someone else is involved.

See the strip here:


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