depression comix #300

The 300th strip is some sort of milestone. I have never gotten 300 of anything done in my life, so this should be really kind of special for me. But the thing is, with deadlines and everything, I couldn’t spend too much time thinking about it because the deadline for #301 approaches, and #302, and #303 and so on.

So what to do with #300? With #100 and #200 I didn’t really do anything special. With Sexy Losers, anniversary strips were different in that they were 4th wall breakers and included as many characters as possible. But depression comix isn’t a funny comic, and I believe that kind of thing would be out of place. Same with any self-congratulatory pats on the back… believe me, I’d rather be doing a funny comic or a horror comic or something different, but depression comix is the comic I have to do. I can’t congratulate myself on that. I wish I didn’t have the experience I had to have in order to do this comic. So the best thing for me I think is to do is business as usual.

However, for this comic, I went back to old sketchbooks and looked up ideas that never got used. This idea was sketched out around the same time as #40, but I didn’t think I had the patience to draw it, and at the time I didn’t think anyone would understand it. I thought it would be a good strip for me to do for #300, because it returned me back to the mental state I was in earlier in the comic when things were more symbolic and there was less dialogue.

After it was published, people interpreted it in various ways — some positive and some negative. Some saw it as a kind of solidarity, we may seem alone but the truth is we aren’t. Some saw it as a sign that we are truly alone. For me, this was a great reaction, because the ambiguity helped create some interesting responses.

At one point I considered using “I’m alone” in different languages in final panel, but scrapped it because it was too much work.

Also, in the last panel I cheated again and used Photoshop to make the Earth look a little better and added stars. Oops.

You can read the original strip here.


    As I see it, Depression Comix has become more than only the comic, it's a give and take from the readers and you which makes it more rich so the number has surpassed it's meaning because every strip has a a lively feedback. As a suggestion for a milestone strip, in the spirit of SL, maybe a character wondering how have they made it untill now after reading the number of the strip

    Darío Ulloa | 2 years ago Reply

    Congratulations on reaching your 300th strip. I understand why you wouldn’t feel like congratulating yourself on reaching this milestone. Depcom can be a dark and bleak strip, but it is something important for many of us. While I wish you never had the experiences and insights that make depcom possible, I do feel less alone since finding your work. That sense of isolation, of feeling that nobody else understands one’s feelings of depression is something that is very difficult to deal with. Your strip has helped break through that isolation for me, and based on the comments on the strips it has helped many others the same way. We all wish that nobody could understand the experience of depression, it is nevertheless helpful to have something that so effectively tells us we are not alone. Your strip is so effective at depicting the thoughts and feelings that many of us cannot find the words to express. Reading your strips is almost therapeutic. While I wish you did not have to deal with depression, your insight and artistic talent helps us more than you think. I am looking forward to your next 300 strips. Thank you for all the effort you put into depcom.

    FML | 2 years ago Reply

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