depression comix #299

This is one of those strips I should have done a long time ago but didn’t, even though this is one that really affected me and some comics I did in the past. Since there are a number of creative types who suffer from depression, one popular image is that depression is a kind of fuel for creativity, dark brooding thoughts lead to amazing works of art. Unfortunately, for many this is really just an image, as the majority of creative types don’t suffer from depression. In fact, depression kind of puts a lid on accomplishing creative work — the lack of energy, motivation, and confidence mixed with plenty of self-doubt is pretty toxic for creativity.

There is a lot of research on the subject, most of which in inconclusive, but I can tell you from personal experience that depression just makes everything harder, including creative work. It derailed everything I did prior to depression comix. This strip, making every deadline I set for it for the past few years, is an abnormality in my life and it’s hard to account for. Perhaps because I deal with depression a lot, it’s easier to use it to fuel my creativity. I note that when I don’t write or draw about depression it becomes a lot harder.

As for the art, a couple of things. In the second panel, the art is signed “DC10” referring to her as Depressed Character #10 because she doesn’t have a proper name. Unfortunately the comic’s initials are also D.C., and so this may be confusing. The “creativity” being sucked into the black hole was something I tried very hard to do on paper, but it never looked right, so I went and did it in Photoshop instead. I try not to use Photoshop for anything but scanning and cleanup but I kind of cheated here.

You can read the comic here.


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