depression comix #298

I’ve kind of fallen behind in these, hopefully I can start to catch up.

Man, do I wish I never had to understand this one. One of the effects of depression is that you either sleep way too much or sleep too little, and I have been “blessed” with the latter so that’s why the strips tend to show that side more.  There’s a panicky feeling around 4 am to 5 am where you know you need to fall asleep to function and your body isn’t letting you. It’s tired, but not tired enough. It’s an awful feeling that makes you dread the day even more.

How many depression comix strips feature someone in bed? I think that’s something that’s starting the bother me about drawing depcom, is the sameness … people in bed trying to sleep, people on computers, couples discussing things in parks … it’s an interesting strip to write, but not an interesting strip to draw for the most part. Probably because drawing depression doesn’t allow for action scenes. Drawing depression isn’t that exciting, which is probably why recently I’ve been drawing up Sexy Losers strips, because there was at least more variation in what was going on.

I felt there was more to say with this, and this is why it continues in #302. It’s difficult to show in just four panels how cyclical this is and how the tiredness just compounds itself day after day.

To see the strip, please click here.

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    Oh man. I know exactly what you're talking about. You lay there in the dark, then you check your watch or your phone to see what time is it. "Already 4:00?! It can't be! Even if I DO fall asleep now, I'd probably wake up more tired than I am now..." -_-

    Daria Giovannoni | 2 years ago Reply

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