depression comix #295

This is a comic idea I had put into my book a year ago, but it was different enough in execution that it made me go “meh”. It’s based on a finding that parents think their kids are more okay than they really are, and that they tend to be in denial about such things ( ). I know my parents were, and I can certainly imagine that this is a thing.

I had a bit of a negative reaction to this strip, some people were dead-set that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. What’s ironic is that is exactly what is being shown in this strip — people in denial. But in my own adventures in doing this comic I’ve seen a lot of denial from people when it comes to the depression in others, so it shouldn’t really surprise me, but it did.

One of the best things about this comic for me was finding a new symbolic use for the smile card. One of the most difficult was drawing the mom. Since I switched from brush pens to dip pens I can get a lot more detail in, and I kept on drawing wrinkles in and soon she looked more like a grandmother than a mother. I still think I went a little overboard.

Link for the comic is here ->

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