depression comix #291

A Robin & Wren strip. Sometimes energy levels get so low that the only thing that’s remotely comfortable is silence and darkness. We talk about energy levels when we find ourselves unable to do activities that require motion, but I wanted to expand the conversation to passive activities too because that’s not so obvious or intuitive. Sometimes we get so sapped of energy that anything that requires our senses becomes even more tiring. I didn’t realize this myself until it happened, and it may be one reason why during our worst spells we look for the comfort of darkness and silence (STRIP IDEA!!).

Anyways, there really isn’t much to say about this one. A lot of strips recently just have a lot of dialogue so I pretty much use up all I want to say in the strip. I’m also currently going through a spell where I feel all the words I use are just crap.

As an aside, I’m dropping the spoons terminology. Whenever I mention it, I get questions as to what it is, and I have to admit it’s not an intuitive model. Everyone understands energy levels, but how something arbitrary like a spoon represents energy isn’t something that people who haven’t heard of it can figure it out for themselves.

A cool thing I found this week. The WordPress theme I use for the Clay Comix site is Oblique, and it’s a pretty cool theme. I’d love it better as a Genesis theme, but it has a very unique feel. But anyways, the makers of the Oblique theme linked to this site as an example of the theme. You have to go down to where it says “Some sample websites built with Oblique Pro” and click on the arrows until you see my site. This is what it said:

A funny and original way of making comics with Oblique. Clay Jonathan took the theme and turned it into an online comic book which actually looks really great. This is more like a portfolio of a guy in love with art and creative work. Everything seems nice, designed to look like the chapters of a story.

I love the part where it says “a guy in love with art and creative work.” I hope that’s true. After all these years I’m still doing webcomics, where most of the people I know way back when have either gone pro or given up. I’m still following my passion. There’s still hope for me yet.

The link to the comic->

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