depression comix #290

This was inspired by a Time article by Nancy Jo Sales ( ).

I had this one sitting in my finished bin for a month, I was waiting for the right time to publish it. What happened was with the WordPress interview I thought it wasn’t directly about depression enough to be the strip that a lot of new readers would want to see as their first strip, so I kept it until things calmed down a bit. Even now I wonder if it’s the right strip to do, but as the suicide rates of young girls rises ( ) … although there is no scientific link yet between the earlier hypersexualization of girls and teenage girl suicide, I am left to wonder.

In comparison to recent comics, this one was poorly received–very few likes on Tumblr and Facebook, and generated very little conversation about the subject. I expected some backlash but received none. It’s a bit disappointing, maybe I didn’t hit the target I wanted to, or perhaps it just didn’t resonate as well. Or perhaps the depression connection wasn’t there in the reader’s mind like it was in mine. I don’t know. But that’s the nature of this work, it occasionally fails, and forces me to reexamine what I do to hopefully make more poignant strips in the future.

Please read the comic here.


    I won't weigh in on whether the "depression connection" is strong enough, but THANK YOU for doing a strip about this subject, regardless! And it's a good one too.

    Adam Thornton | 2 years ago Reply

      Thanks for the kind word. I hope to be bourne out with the depression connection, after all, being pressured to expose yourself can't be mentally healthy. I guess these things bring out the social justice warrior in me.

      Clay Comix | 2 years ago Reply

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