depression comix #288

One thing confirmed by recent research is that people who are depressed respond to guilt differently than those who aren’t. Depressed people can’t fully examine why they are feeling guilty about something, which leads them to generalize the feeling of guilt as well as a helplessness about being able to do something to correct it.

The real nag of all this is that this behavior extends to people who are “recovered” from depression. This means that even when people are recovered from depression, a lot of the thinking patterns remain. So when we talk about “recovery” we’re really talking about better management, because the damaged way we think is still something we have to deal with.

I talked a bit about this on Tumblr and the “Myth Of Full Recovery”, something that’s kind of worrisome to think about but needs to be discussed in future strips.

Recently I’ve been trying to stop creating new depressed characters and going back and pulling out characters I used once or twice in the past. Last week’s character appeared in #133, this week’s character appeared in #229, and next week’s character appeared in #230. Next next week (#290) is a Society strip, and she also appears with a character who only has one appearance to her name, the Prettiest Girl in School from #255. I think I created too many characters, and it’s time to stop.

Link to the comic here.



    Hey! I'm eager to read up on this research. Any recommendations/links?

    Ian Ramsay | 2 years ago Reply

      If you click through the link to the original article on there's links, unfortunately they get stripped out when the article is posted on Facebook.

      Clay Comix | 2 years ago Reply

    Combine depression guilt and (recovering) Irish Catholic guilt and... Yeah, I definitely feel guilty just for existing.

    Seanna Hundt | 2 years ago Reply

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