depression comix #282

I’ve done the depression and exercise theme before, but it was an early strip and I used symbolism — a big black rock holding down a person when told to exercise. I got a bit of heat from that because people were suggesting that I was saying that exercise was no good for depression when really I wanted to say was depression was no good for exercise. So in this strip I made it a little more clear what the problem was, and I think it hit the mark better.

This strip I did after a week forced vacation I had because of influenza. I can see the art is a little shaky because of it, and I spent a long time on that first panel and it still doesn’t look right to me. The Nope Door returns, it wasn’t in the script but a last minute addition. In the third panel I wanted to give the Nope Door more dialogue but it was distracting and looked more like graffiti than anything. I’m starting to find myself annoyed with this character’s hair, it looks like a bug or a Christmas tree from the back. Maybe I’ll give her a haircut, if I can find a way to tie haircuts and depression together.

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    Ha, I like the "bug or a christmas tree" comparison, but I think I only see it that way because you mentioned it. It's a pretty great hairstyle! Just don't give it pincers or ornaments...

    Adam Thornton | 2 years ago Reply

      Thanks, I now have an idea for the Christmas strip

      Clay Comix | 2 years ago Reply

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