depression comix #281


This one I had written and rewritten several times before I came to the wording in this strip. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with this strip, the character (depressed character #3 FYI) is very articulate when most of the time we aren’t so. But I needed a strip to hold out and say “hey, your advice isn’t applicable here” and explain why it isn’t. Over the years doing this strip I have received lots and lots of advice, and when I’m at my most depressed I need to do things I can manage. Telling me to go for a jog when just being awake is painful is not going to help. Telling me to draw when I can’t even bear to look at a piece of paper is not going to help. That’s why I balk on advice so much … what I am capable of changes all the time, and I am the most aware of what I can do at any given moment.

I really like this character and it’s great to be able to draw her. She is strong, articulate and smart, but struggling with this illness in a way that makes it easy to relate to. She is my go-to character when I need something explained.

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