depression comix #278


I like these two characters together, because it’s instant personality clash. They both suffer depression yet there’s no love shared between the two. I also like drawing Goth Chick. She’s just awesome to draw. This strip was also a lot of fun to draw because it was in a boxing ring, and it’s a different dynamic than the usual stand around and talk strips. With the larger drawing space, I hope to make the environment a little more of an active participant in these newer strips.

Depression Olympics is a lot like the Oppression Olympics that you see nowadays where people on the internet are actually competing to see who is more oppressed. There certainly is oppression in the world, no denying that, but perspective is important, and of course, I am against the minimizing of suffering of others just to justify one’s own suffering. There is no index of pain, there is no measure of suffering, so any attempt to compare is just making people who may need help or justice feel like they have no right to either.

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