depression comix #277


This is the first strip I did at the new size, and it was nice to stetch out a little bit. For Valentine’s Day I usually have something about love and this year was no different, and Wren and Robin were such an obvious choice.

Perhaps a little too obvious. In these kinds of strips, it seems that Wren is 100% involved in this relationship while Robin is not exactly the greatest giver to this relationship. It’s starting to seem incredibly one-sided, and I’m going to have to reevaluate this series before I continue. It will have to shift to Wren’s point of view, because we need to know how the hell she is keeping this up. The series at one point did this, but didn’t continue it because their relationship was used more or less to inject a bit of sunshine into the strip and didn’t have room for negativity.

There’s a little bit going on here which reinforces this imbalance. Here, Wren is the loving caregiver grooming Robin, smiling while completely out of line of Robin’s range of sight. Robin is looking away, seeing nothing and feeling nothing, and seemingly a little self-centered. “Why do people love me?” then ignoring the answer, choosing to embrace the question rather than the answer. How does Wren feel about this? This is an important question and I regret not giving Wren the chance to show. In becoming The Perfect Understanding Partner, she has probably had to make some sacrifices in terms of expectations in a relationship, and there are more than likely doubts and frustrations. When reading the comments, I see a lot of “I wish I had a relationship with someone like Wren” but no one says that about Robin, which is telling.

This didn’t get as many likes as usual on Facebook and Tumblr, so it’s a little disappointing, even when I think this is one of the best drawn strips of the series so far. Maybe people are sick of the status quo on this strip.

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