depression comix #276


Starting things takes a lot of energy.  So does finishing things. Often I’ve found myself trapped, having expended the energy to begin something I can’t finish. For example, in this comic, getting out of the shower. I’ve run out of gas and I can’t finish this one simple task.

I initially used the words “spoons” in the comic, but I took it out because it’s still not common vernacular yet. I used it in passing in a recent comic and I got question marks back. I’m starting not to like the word spoons because it isn’t really intuitive what it represents until someone tells you, while words like “energy” and “gas” still get the point across.

This comic is a special marker for me. At 276 strips, it’s now my longest running comic.  Also, when I posted this on the depressioncomix twitter account, it got over 70 likes, the highest any of my work has gotten on Twitter.

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