depression comix #274


I’ve done this so many times. Go to a place, and hopefully meet people, talk to people, have a good time. You know, be normal like my friends. Then I look like a lost child looking for their mom for a while, then find a corner and try to get through to the end like I’m stuck in a bad movie. If you know this feeling, you have my sympathies. Nowadays we all have smartphones which helps a little bit, you can entertain yourself a little while you pass time, or connect with people even though geographically you’re in different spaces.

Artwise, I had a lot of fun drawing the last panel, however, my growing frustration with the size of the paper was coming to a head. This is the last comic I will draw at this size, starting with 275 I will use a larger paper. As the strips will be shrunk to the usual size you may not notice that much of a difference but it will really help me out.


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