depression comix #273


I’ve been planning this storyline for quite some time now but I always lacked the courage to actually do it. I knew at some point this character’s story would begin to be one about surviving someone who was lost to depression. It’s a little different from the other characters in that their “storylines” are depression-sufferer-centric but I felt this story was also an important one to tell. Depression affects not only the sufferer but those around the sufferer as well in a deep and profound way.

At some point, I would have to draw the strip that delivers the news. I knew it wouldn’t be very popular, I might get some complaints, but it needed to happen for me to get at the more valuable story that results.

There’s really not much to tell. Of course there’s the Bowie nods in the first and third panels. It has nothing to do with the story, but regarding his passing it felt like something I wanted to put in.

The last panel was difficult to script and draw. I initially had her saying nothing with no caption but “oh no”, but it might not be obvious what happened. So I wanted her to come to a realization but not say it out loud. And  as for her reaction, I didn’t know how to draw it so I left it as minimal as possible.

When I released it, it didn’t get many likes/reblogs/shares on twitter, facebook, or tumblr. But I did get a really supportive comment on tumblr about it from someone who was in that situation.

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