depression comix #271


Well, I couldn’t have BOTH a positive Christmas and New Years strip, could I?

This was actually a difficult strip to get out because I had several ways to get the message I wanted to say and I couldn’t decide which one was more effective. In the end, I chose this one because it was the most straightforward.  Next, it was difficult to draw because it’s really hard to show great height in such a tiny drawing space.

The last reason it was difficult was because it was the new year and I thought it would be good timing to change how I did the strip. I was going to do several changes, including changing the size of the paper I use but first I decided to make a template on the computer and add lettering and titling in Photoshop:


Everyone who spoke out said they liked the normal hand-lettered one better. Unfortunately I didn’t bother hand-lettering the original so I had to go back and jam it into the already prepared word balloons. In one way it makes me happy because it’s easier to do the old way but on the other hand, it means I still have to draw in those tiny little panels.

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