depression comix #270


My last pieces of art online in 2015. Last year I drew a Santa Claus who suffered from depression, this year I thought I’d draw something a little more upbeat. I deliberated a lot on what would be the present, but I thought a scarf would be nice because I could show her wearing it in subsequent strips. I went for a closeup in the last panel but I didn’t like how it turned out so I felt it needed a little bit more, hence the picture at the end of the two of them wearing the scarf. I was hoping that the scarf plus their hand holding would make a heart shape but no matter how I worked it it looked unnatural. Ah well. The really nice thing about the picture at the end was drawing big, more than the credit card-sized panels I have to work with normally. It has a lot of room to breathe.

Anyways, it ended depression comix in 2015. 53 strips and not a single missed deadline, and that in itself is a milestone for myself, one I hope to continue in 2016.

Thank you all for reading! Happy New Year!



    Happy New Year :)

    Alicia Whitmire | 2 years ago Reply

      Thank you, you too!

      Clay Comix | 2 years ago Reply

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