depression comix #267


This is a kind of a recap of several separate strips but it’s important to show how many of these strips link together. The first one deals with that constant feeling of loss — you can lose someone or something, but that feeling of loss that accompanies it never seems to go away. It’s related to the next panel that deals with failure that you can’t seem to escape. The third panel shows how you go about reinforcing the negativity. Why do we do this? Who knows? But I wish I could shut it off, because even when I find happier moments these habits tend to take away the shine.

Artistically I didn’t realize I was off model until someone mistook her for the freckled girlfriend character. I’ll have to do some character sheets or something to ensure that I don’t stray off target and make sure that the two characters look a lot more different. Wait, maybe they’re sisters. Who knows, with the lack of identity I’ve given these characters anything is possible.

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