depression comix #170 & 171


This is kind of the end of a three part trilogy of strips that began with #158 and continued in #159. #159 quickly became the most popular depression comix strip ever on Tumblr so I decided to put the third installment aside for a while, because three comics with the same kind of theme would get tiring, I think.

This was originally supposed to be one strip, not two. The strip would have been the first three panels of 170 and the last panel of 171. However, I wanted to make a bigger deal of her taking off her shirt, and I couldn’t figure out how to do that with just four panels. Then last week, I decided to draw it out into two strips as I had done with #111 and #112 to get better timing.

The reason why her taking off her shirt is so important goes back to the first strip where they met in #81, and during the entire time they have had their relationship she has always had a long sleeve shirt on, even in bedroom scenes. Someone asked what would happen if the freckled character asked about the scars, and I thought that would make a necessary strip, so I started putting this strip together.

I’m going to pat myself on the back here for a couple of reasons. I really like the second panel of 170 where she’s making a monster face. When I got back into webcomicking on Tumblr, one jackass said, “and he still can’t draw hands”. There has been a conscious effort to include hands in nearly every depression comix strip, especially to add to the expressions of characters. This one is no exception, and when I draw panels like this one I remind myself, “That asshat said I couldn’t draw hands”.

Another thing I’m proud of is the second strip, where the depressed character takes off her shirt and joins her friend in bed. I wanted to do this scene so it wasn’t sexual at all, because it easily could be, and that would have ruined it. In the end, I think it worked well.

I usually post this at the same time as the upload but it was a bit complicated so I ran out of time. I’m doing this a day after, and I can write that the response has been fantastic, most notably on Tumblr. One particular comment on the website was especially touching:

My boyfriend kissed my scars and I cried

That comment alone tells an entire story.


    Excellent work.

    Chris Williams | 4 years ago Reply

    I can’t help but see a ヤ right below the heart-shaped scar on her arm.. I’m wondering about what that means, if anything?

    mmKALLL | 4 years ago Reply

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