depression comix #167


I really like Society as a character and I have been trying to figure out how to make her return to the comic, and after several attempts I came up with this one., which is pretty much the same as the last one, except that she interacts with someone.

A couple of things: the picture that society uses is based on is from the viral video Body Evolution. The arrow is actually supposed to be a cursor and you can see a bit of the Photoshop menu in the right hand corner. It’s a small detail but I wanted to imply that what Society believes is beautiful is really quite impossible anyways.

The thing I obsessed over in this strip? The “Not My Problem” dialogue in panel 3. The thing I struggled with: getting depressed character #15 to look like I want. It worked in panel 1, so so in panel 3, and completely unbalanced in panel 4. Thankfully she’s supposed to look uglier in panel 4 so serendipity to the rescue.

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