depression comix #166


Not much to say about this one except yeah, I do this all the time. I’ve cut off a lot of friends because of this, because of how I perceived that they felt about me. Mind you, I’m still convinced that in a couple of cases that my friends only pulled me along for a laugh at my expense, so these kinds of feelings are not necessarily 100% inaccurate.

I put a lot of effort into getting the jeans to look right in the last panel with the folds and stuff. No one will ever notice.


    I think that if the jeans were BADLY done, people would notice more...but the fact that they are so good, makes it seem RIGHT & blends right into everything to make it seamlessly whole. I think thats a good thing.

    Yvonne | 4 years ago Reply

      heh heh ;;; the jeans comment was not a call for attention, just that I tend to obsess over details that don:t really matter.

      clay | 4 years ago Reply

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