depression comix #158


I’m not terribly satisfied with this one, particularly the last panel. I wish I could have made the point without spelling it out. I originally had a more antagonistic ending, where the freckled character would be alone, head down, hands against the wall, repeating, “it’s not me, it’s the illness. It’s not me … ” but for some reason I opted for the warm, comforting last panel. It’s sure to get complaints saying “must be nice to have someone to cuddle with”.  For the record, I never had anyone do that for me, but this a case where I’m not illustrating what people really do but rather what people should do. Easier said than done, I know.

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    Last panel's perfect, IMO, Clay. I read DepCom to help understand my wife's depression, and to get ideas for how to be there for her. This is very helpful.

    barqmulch2 | 4 years ago Reply

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