depression comix #156


I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, where I am with a group of people and suddenly my brain switches to “my presence is meaningless” mode and I have to leave. This is another one where I’m not quite sure if it’s due to depression or not but I’m throwing it out there to see if people can connect. This is another reason why I lost many friends, you tend not to invite someone out who looks like they’re not enjoying themselves and they’re ready to leave at any moment.



    Done this countless times. I think it's more that you crave meaningful one on one conversations about things that really interest you and don't have a lot of use for party chatter and the like. Yes, it is rude to walk out of a party and not at least thank the host for letting you come. It's basic civilization 101. However, and this is a big however, the atmosphere at a party can get so oppressive that you can't even manage that small gesture of appreciation. You just have to get out. Now. It just sucks sometimes and you have to tell yourself and others when you can that it's part of your illness.

    Rick Coyle | 5 years ago Reply

    I can attest that this doesn't happen only to depression sufferers.

    Rex Vivat | 5 years ago Reply

      [2] More than once I had to talk to my work partners to tell them that I refusing their invite to a confraternization was not because I hate one of them, just that I know myself enough that within 30 minutes I'll be bored and wanting to leave as soon as possible. I loved the twist ending. At first, I was expecting a suicide strip. Right now, I should have known that you would not use such a commonplace to point out suicide, but on the moment of reading, it slipped my mind. Great job on the strip.

      Nibelung | 5 years ago Reply

        Thank you for the kind words. The ending was just as you say, I was trying to make the last panel a twist. Unfortunately that decision made me leave some detail out, for example, why he was so lonely, and I hope to look at this in a future strip.

        clay | 5 years ago Reply

    Hello man, I am sorry, but I've had enough. I am stopping subscription here. I can understand what depression is, have it in my family, and maybe it's good therapy for you to draw these pictures, but for quite a long time, nothing was really interesting nor funny. I am not psychiatrist, but it seems to me like if you like tinkering in the illnes instead of trying to find a way out... which can be humour. In the past, your strips were so funny, and you did fun out of unpleasant things, why don't you try it with depression? You won't let people down and still tell them something... and keep their attention and enthusiasm, not only fidelity. Everyone has problems, everyone is fighting it somehow, and everyone needs to look at nice things that would help him. C'mon, I know you can do better - been following your work for 15 years! Good luck with fighting your depressions and thank you for all the great stuff you created.

    Tom K. | 5 years ago Reply

      1) You don't understand depression at all. Having family and friends who have it doesn't make you an expert. Try living with it in your head, that will help. 2) If it's not interesting or funny (to you -- 10 000+ followers on Tumblr think otherwise), don't follow. I don't do this for *you*. Get that through your head. 3) "if you like tinkering in the illnes instead of trying to find a way out" -- yeah, going to therapy and taking medication is just tinkering and not trying to find a way out. If you don't know anything about a person you shouldn't be making assumptions about what they are doing, you just look like an asshole. 4) "C’mon, I know you can do better – been following your work for 15 years!" -- How incredibly patronizing. Dude, you are the kind of person I dislike immensely. Your post reeks of entitlement. Imagine the gall it takes to mail a complete stranger and tell him "I've had enough". I am happy that you are are unsubscribing.

      clay | 5 years ago Reply

    Oh yes, I know that feeling. I have never actually figured out what I was supposed to like about "parties". With rare exceptions they seem to consist of drinking, chitchat, and posturing. Sometimes I like interacting with people, but that is when we are actually doing something together, such as sports, watching entertainment, going for a walk (but keep up, or I'll get bored), or creating something.

    Carsten B. L. | 5 years ago Reply

      The thing was, I used to look forward to going to parties. That the next time would be different. But always it would end up the same, with me looking for a way out. Still happens, actually, now that I think of it. I want to go and be social, but seeing people enjoy themselves reminds me how difficult it is for me to be like that.

      clay | 5 years ago Reply

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