depression comix #151


This is kind of a reworking of an earlier strip but with a more positive spin at the end, continuing a pattern from last strip now that I think about it. Artistically, I look at the first strips of depcom which were much more cartoony, which was to balance the heaviness of the material. Recent strips have been less so and more like the Sexy Losers style, but at the same time there is a light breaking into the strip in the subject matter. Maybe there’s something to that. But I do like this strip and how it turned out, except for maybe the third panel.


    I love it. The last panel is gorgeous. :)

    Donna Lordi | 5 years ago Reply

    Thank you!

    Clay Comix | 5 years ago Reply

    Of course not, please be my guest.

    Clay Comix | 5 years ago Reply

    Everyone's fucked up in one way or another... I just don't get why some of us can't accept it while the rest of the world seems to... Well... Let it go.

    George | 5 years ago Reply

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