depression comix #145


This has a lot to do with my current situation at work. I’m in a bad sort of a bind and I cannot do anything, but every one is telling me not to worry. Good luck with that. That’s like telling me not to breathe.


    I know that feels.

    Karl Av-Ulvene | 5 years ago Reply

    I could tell you how to relax in stereotypical Russian way, but that wouldn't work anyway so try just to say "yarr" and to see if it gets any better at least it will be more fun

    UsagiToxic | 5 years ago Reply

      Wouldn't relax in stereotypical Russian be "Relax or you be relaxing in Siberia". Wait, that's American stereotypical Russian.

      clay | 5 years ago Reply

    Hey! I'm in northern Canada...what's wrong with Siberia? OK, I get it, it's cold and they lack everything(we have everything)

    mingthemerciless | 5 years ago Reply

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