Patreon Sketches

I have had a Patreon account for some time now, and I use it to help support depression comix. People’s support helps me in many ways. For example, it pays for hosting costs for all my sites, pays for all the materials I use, and recently helps me pay for drawing classes I attend.  Because all the finished work gets posted for free anyways, it’s hard to find ways to use to attract support. One of the things I do is give away a free sketch every month. Each month a winner is picked and they get to choose the character I draw and I send it to them in the mail. Most of these are depcom characters but the latest sketch involved a Sexy Losers character, so I thought it was appropriate to move the gallery to my personal site (there is no mention of or links to Sexy Losers on the depression comix site).

You can find all the sketches done so far here. I’m trying to find a nice gallery plug in to make it look better; the WordPress native gallery does its own styling and looks kind of strange with some pictures randomly bigger than others.

The image that’s associated with this post is one of Tomoe Toyosaka from Sexy Losers, and is the latest sketch to be given away.

There is no Patreon site for Sexy Losers because of it being a NSFW comic, so any support for depcom is greatly appreciated.

sketch of the mute from Aphasia


Probably because of looking at Aphasia again, I had a compulsion to draw the mute one more time after a decade or so. Yesterday at a Starbucks I drew this sketch but I didn’t have any models so the design might be a bit off. Carrie would have my head for drawing the mute in a semi-nude, and if Carrie ever reads this, I’m sorry 🙂

All Aphasia on claycomix:

“Contact” sketch


This was a character sketch for a bittersweet romantic comic called “Contact”. I still may do it if I can refine the story a little better.

Yuko Ishida sketch


A Yuko Ishida sketch done recently. I have been thinking about a revamp of the Suicide Girl characters as a zombie comedy, with Ishida as a flirtatious zombie. I got rid of the crazy hair she had at the end of the series, but kept the lost eye and neck scarf for sentimental reasons.