Category: The Haunted Me

HAttiE – Midnight Page 12

Now I can get into a little bit of suspense. These pages have a bit of a different color set because of night, and may not be able to see very well on some monitors. You can read the collected pages at its dedicated site at ....

HAttiE – Later on Saturday June 11th, 2016 Page 11

This hopefully is the last page of character building for a while. Definitely want to get into the more spookier stuff. You can read this page and all the other pages together at

HAttiE – Saturday June 11th, 2016 Page 8

Not too much to add to this one… a lot of my comics have break up scenes I guess. I didn’t want this scene to go on too long and I could have written more but I really want to get to the more interesting parts of this project....