• The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #76

    In this update, who Emmy carries the illusion of is decided. I’m not sure why I put in the need to make the decision in the first place, but a lot of what I do is so that the fourth panel of every strip has a small “cliffhanger” to hopefully make people interested in what comes next.  In retrospect the explanation of her ex-husband’s death is rather brief and…

  • The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #75

    We’re back to that other plot line involving Mari, Lily, Iris and Emmy. It’s been a while since I drew them so they may be a little off model but it was fun to draw them again, especially the group shot in Panel 3.  Now that Emmy has a safe place to stay, getting her there is the next challenge. 75  

  • depression comix

    depression comix #500

    Wow. I made it. I didn’t think I would make it to 30.  But here I am at 500 more than eleven years later. The thing is I don’t think I have much more to say.  I feel like I’ve finished this race by crawling over the finish line, not by running across it. I feel emotionally and mentally drained by this comic. I want to go on, but…

  • Illustrations

    Procreate Painting 1

    Wanted to learn how to paint using digital tools, so this is my first done on Procreate painting only on one layer. I knew my first few would be subpar but it’s a necessary step in order to go forward.

  • depression comix

    depression comix #499

    How did I forget to post this update here?  The penultimate strip to #500 features Wren and Robin for the first time in a long time.  I miss drawing Wren, and I can see I’m a little off with the character design a bit.  This is the thing that I really don’t like about dep com is that there are characters who just don’t appear unless I can somehow…