• The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #78

    78 Another update for a comic that seems to be going all over the place. Don’t worry, it IS going somewhere.  In this update for this slow moving comic, Emmy and Mari head towards the exit.  I’ve been drawing everyone at the bar for literally years so it’s somewhat liberating to set them free.

  • The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #77

    Now I had to get these two on their way, Mari is literally pushing Emmy onwards. I had this planned out years ago and it’s been quite a journey to get the story to this point.  I had a lot of trouble with what I should do in that panel but really, pushing the characters seemed like the thing to do.  Most of this was drawn in bars or…

  • The Haunted Me

    The Haunted Me #2 Page 24

    The next page.  I decided to play a little more with the shading on this page to make it a little odder … up until now I usually lay down flats and that’s it, but on this one I decided to shade it out a little more.  I think it looks a bit better, and as I learn more about drawing I add in as many touches as I…

  • The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #76

    In this update, who Emmy carries the illusion of is decided. I’m not sure why I put in the need to make the decision in the first place, but a lot of what I do is so that the fourth panel of every strip has a small “cliffhanger” to hopefully make people interested in what comes next.  In retrospect the explanation of her ex-husband’s death is rather brief and…

  • The Dead Sisters

    The Dead Sisters #75

    We’re back to that other plot line involving Mari, Lily, Iris and Emmy. It’s been a while since I drew them so they may be a little off model but it was fun to draw them again, especially the group shot in Panel 3.  Now that Emmy has a safe place to stay, getting her there is the next challenge. 75