Aphasia – The Mute


Back in 1999 Carrie O’Kaye and I began a comic called “Aphasia”, which was a fantasy where we would take turns writing and drawing weekly installments, even when we would have no clue what the other person would do with their turn. In one way this was frustrating, because the other person would sometimes do something unexpected or derail a plot development. But it was exciting too, because when I got my turn I never knew what situation the characters would return to me. I’ll be posting chapters up periodically.

This particular piece was done in 2000 and is a good example of a quirk I had of drawing women sitting on wooden floors or docks. I think by the time I got to coloring the water I was pretty sick of it, that’s why the water looks so dull.

(2000, pen & ink colored by computer)

All Aphasia on claycomix:

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