Aphasia Chapter 8: Da Capo

The eighth and final chapter of Aphasia. Click on an image to view in a slideshow format.



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Carrie O’Kaye: pages 121-125, 128-130

Clay: pages 126-127, 131-134

The last (and unfinished) chapter of Aphasia.

I guess this is the point where the working relationship between Carrie and I got strained to the point where we couldn’t do the comic anymore. Or perhaps because we lost interest. Or perhaps it was something else. But sadly, this is as far as the two of us got.

The interesting thing is I couldn’t tell you what would have happened if the two of us had continued. I know what I would have done, but I don’t know what Carrie would have done. This was always the challenge of doing a comic like this — the other people doing the comic would give you situations that you can’t predict — so planning ahead is kind of useless.

In my head, Quietus would have run after nabbing the scroll off of Victor, and Pizzicato would have given pursuit. Quietus would run into the wife, who had literally hung his servant out to dry. Fleeing that, he would have run into Arco’s body. Unfortunately for Arco, he “lives” — Quietus’ blade couldn’t kill him, and Pizzicato now has the choice of ditching her former pet for the new one. As for Victor and the Mute, Victor has to deal with the sudden realization of the reversal of roles — she is his master and not the other way around. But Victor begins to believe that by delivering the scroll he can be freed of his “curse”, so his next move is to locate Quietus.

Yeah. It would have been lovely.

I still like the story. I would have been nice if we had continued, but I know how Carrie felt about me doing Sexy Losers (Carrie hated it and didn’t like Aphasia being associated with it due to my association). I also know that when the mute started talking, I would being to like her less. She only has reaction shots in this chapter. And god, my action scene in the last few pages is horrible. Looking at it now, I was written in a place I had little interest in taking the the time to draw.

But every page drawn is an experience learned and for that I’m grateful. This was a good experience even if it isn’t a complete one.

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    I'd always wondered what happened with Aphasia. Thanks for the long overdue closure!

    Steph (@onalark) | 5 years ago Reply

    The work did not go on because I lost interest, because real life commitments, such as getting good grades, graduating, getting a job and fighting over internet time. Using phone line for internet access was such a struggle when you live in a family of five. Kraken and Bahn wanted us to continue Aphasia so they pitched in to help with their wonderful arts. If you would look at my parts, the mood was all over the place, the art style keeps changing, background art is non-existent, which indicates that I was looking for interesting things to add. Eventually I had nothing significant to contribute and the story went into hibernation. I was quite innocent technically and mentally when we made Aphasia. To tell you the truth, I never really aspired to be a comic book artist. I just had ideas that needed to be liberated, and Aphasia was the mean. When I no longer have any more ideas, the story stayed in deep sleep.

    Carrie O'Kaye | 4 years ago Reply

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