Aphasia Chapter 5: Interlude One

The fifth chapter of Aphasia. Click on an image to view in a slideshow format.

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Aphasia Chapter 5: Interlude One

I did pages 68 to 75 and 80, Carrie O’Kaye did pages 76 to 79.

I think Carrie and I at the time thought we needed to slow down a bit and just do some character development and give a bit more detail about the plot, especially who Victor is and what his mission is. What’s interesting for myself is between pages 73 and 74 I made the jump from coloring with markers to coloring with a graphics program (GIMP in this case), and I didn’t look back.

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    Really nice colorized cover picture of the mute! That shocking journal excerpt at the end confirmed what I had already suspected--that Kate might have been in on the plot against Victor.

    GL | 5 years ago Reply

      She was, and she still has it in for him. Thanks again for your kind comments on the Aphasia series. I'm enjoying reading again after a decade neglected on the hard drive.

      Clay | 5 years ago Reply

    Ugh, can't read a note, I wish Kate's handwriting was good as Victors =)

    Mangustina | 4 years ago Reply

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