Aphasia Chapter 4: Dissonance

The fourth chapter of Aphasia. Click on an image to view in a slideshow format.

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Aphasia Chapter 4: Dissonance

Pages 44-49, 58-67 Carrie O’Kaye

Pages 50-57 Clay

Carrie O’Kaye uses the dream sequence to make some explanations as to what happened the night Victor was killed. Not to complain about this part, I would have liked to held off on that a bit longer, but it’s a really well-done sequence. The Quietus character is also Carrie’s design, but in my part I had to write him. I think I was pretty shy about doing character designs at the time and Carrie filled the part in nicely. I believe the only character design I introduced in the series is Quietus’ assistant.

The wife I probably drew a little too needlessly undressed at first, something Carrie did point out.

The final third of this chapter is Carrie’s bit again, lots of puns and black humor. In terms of the plot it doesn’t add anything but I think Carrie wanted to lighten things up — my parts tended to be a bit heavy.

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    A lot going on in this chapter! I see now from the wife's dream where the mute's black eye likely came from. Even though the innkeeper got what he deserved in the end, it must have been tough for his wife to first see him get skeletonized after the Kiss of Death in the dream sequence and then get stabbed for real right in front of her. I love the look on the assistant's face as Quietus laments the loss of a mighty fine horse over the cliff rather than his own man.

    GL | 5 years ago Reply

      Since Carrie created the character of Quietus, Carrie had a better understanding of the character in that he was supposed to be a kind of larger-than-life swashbuckling guy with heroic hair and a casual disregard for human life. I tended to make all the characters introspective but looking at it now I think Carrie had the correct idea for the comic with more fantasy and adventure elements.

      Clay | 5 years ago Reply

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