Aphasia Chapter 2: Silent Song

The second chapter of Aphasia. Click on an image to view in a slideshow format.

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Aphasia Chapter 2: Silent Song

Pages 11-15, 25: Clay, Pages 16-24: Carrie O’Kaye

This chapter really set up the dream-reality pattern that would continue throughout the comic.

Interesting for me is how I did the comic:  I would just draw something with pens on regular paper, photocopy it, and color the photocopy in greyscale with markers. That’s essentially the same way I do depression comix today, fifteen years later.

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    Thanks for sharing this collaborative series! Very expressive characters and nice effect going from the rough angelic outline to the sobbing mute in front of the injured hero.

    GL | 5 years ago Reply

      Thank you -- though that transformation bit was Carrie's not mine :)

      Clay | 5 years ago Reply

    I love how it turned to poetry in some moment!

    Mangustina | 4 years ago Reply

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