Aphasia Chapter 1: Prelude

The first chapter of Aphasia by Carrie O’Kaye and Clay. Click on an image to view in a slideshow format.

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Aphasia Chapter 1: Prelude

Pages 1 to 8: Carrie O’Kaye, Pages 9 to 10: Clay

When we first agreed to do Aphasia together back in 1998, Carrie dropped these first eight pages on me and I had to continue from there, so it was Carrie who really came up with the concept and the characters. Although I only had two pages in the first chapter, I would do more in subsequent ones.

Also notable is the quality of the images. Back in 1998 bandwidth was everything, so having files less than 100K was important. Because of this, the pages were small and the image quality was really poor. Although I still have the originals for my parts, I don’t have them for Carrie’s.

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Chapter Three: Waltz


    Interesting. Why is he sleeping on the floor?

    GL | 5 years ago Reply

      In case he is attacked in the middle of the night, he won't be where his attackers initially expect him to be.

      Clay | 5 years ago Reply

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