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A Strawberry Memory page 28 – Final Page

This comic is done! Well, I still have to make a cover for it, and there’s some tweaking I still want to do with it now that I have all the pages in front of me, but as for a complete story, it’s done. There was a lot more I *wanted* to do, I didn’t know this was going to be the last page until I realized it was flowing that way. I had an idea for an epilogue that showed the two of them married with a child, but it seemed like a different story and kind of unnecessary. It really felt like it needed to end on Miss Nightingale’s words in which Wren tells them to herself. The drink being a strawberry daiquiri was something always planned from the beginning but never found a natural way to wedge that information into the story.

Now I want to work on Hattie. I’ve had the story planned for two years and now that fall is approaching it feels good to make it a priority. Ghost stories are always better in the fall.

Later That Night Page 6
A Strawberry Memory page 27
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