A Selection of 2019 Illustrations

I don’t do as many illustrations as I should — I always feel if I draw something, it should be a panel of a story. I’ve never been all that confident of my drawing skills but here are a few illustrations I did this year.

BTW, you can click on one illustration to see them all in a slideshow which will fit your screen.

The Smoking Trilogy

I don’t know why specifically but I made a drawing of one woman smoking, and I liked it so much I drew two more. I don’t know exactly why this theme came out, I don’t smoke, I don’t like the smell of smoke, and I am vehemently against smoking. But it did get me to draw three pictures so for that I am grateful. I used this on the merchandise and my home page for background graphics.

HAttiE Title Page

I did this as a kind of warmup before actually drawing the comic. I wanted to know what kind of feel it should have. I spent a lot of time on the architecture¬† and I guess I realized how important the environment is in a comic like this. I knew I couldn’t really cheat on the backgrounds.¬† This became the title graphic on the HAttiE home page.


Marie is Eric’s sister in the HAttiE comic. I do almost all my work on trains, and it’s hard to do layout work on trains so when I don’t have a layout ready I have free time. What I’d like to do is that for those times I have some kind of illustration I can work on, but I haven’t done this as much as I should. This was 100% done on trains. I really should do more of these.

Merry Xmas 2019

I drew Sunflower for an Xmas card/illustration for Patreon supporters, but I ran out of time and coloured it as hastily as I could. I even kept some of the pencils ink to give it a rough look. I really should do this every year.

BONUS PIC — Marigold and Emmy Summer Beach Fun

I had an idea to do some of my characters as if they were at a beach and this was one drawing I did but i never got around to colouring it or drawing in the beach background.

Happy Hallowe'en!
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