A Life of Comix

A Life of Comix Podcast #1

This year I’ve decided to do a podcast!  Now you can hear me talk about nothing important for half an hour and soon I’ll be inviting my friends to derail any conversation and talk off topic 90% of the time.

The podcast can currently be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or you can listen through the widget on the right.

If you have something you want me to talk about or you’re a webcomic type person who wants to be on, please let me know!

Right now, you can listen to the first episode, “How I Got Into Webcomics” and the description is “In 1997 I discovered webcomics but what pulled me into doing them for the next 26 years? Listen to me drone on and on for nearly a half hour about the topic.” Seemed like a good. place to start.

The next episode will be about “Why webcomic suck.”. We will also have special guests whom I have collaborated with in the past, such as Uncle Ghastly and Tang Ho!

A Life of Comix Podcast #2
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