depression comix #283

These two appeared a long time ago in #251 and I meant to bring them out more — it’s basically what happens when one of the people in the relationship comes into it with unrealistic expectations given the illness. You’ll see more of these two and how the needs of the one are often incompatible with the needs of the other. I don’t want to say “this is why relationships with depressed people are impossible”, I just want to say “this is why these relationships are particularly challenging, but understanding the other helps a lot.”

Now it’s time to point where personal experience comes in. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been more in the part of the person with expectations. I can understand where this man is coming from but I also know it’s wrong to start arguing about it as well. Arguing your way into bed is a lose-lose situation and morally wrong. But I know how rejection feels, and from that it’s easy to write dialogue, even though I know it’s the wrong tact to take.

I hope that these two characters will make more appearances in the future. He believes that his very presence makes everything better and can’t understand why he can’t make her depression better. Sometimes we think we’re the white knight in someone else’s tragedy, but love in itself does not heal depression.

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