• The Haunted Me

    The Haunted Me #2 Page 5

    The last page of this section of The Haunted Me. I’m trying to put the story together in this issue like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle rather than linearly, and I don’t know how successful it will be.  It is a bit of an experiment for me, but if it works, I’ll be happy with the result.  I’m going to draw Eric topless as much as possible, lord knows…

  • The Dead Sisters

    Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #53 and 54

    You can read #53 here. You can read #54 here. On 53: More Daffy and Sunny.  Thankfully Daffy has more to say this time around, and naturally the conversation turns to organs. Daffy is a fun character to write for and a great addition to the cast.  I was having a hard time figuring out how to end this one, I didn’t want to start something in the fourth…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #472

    You can see the whole comic here. I drew this at the dawn of the New Year, in the first few days of January. This was a time of general uneasiness, and it really shows in the comic. Usually I draw more cautiously optimistic comics at the beginning of the year but rarely do I just let the negativity hang out with this one. I posted this for some…

  • The Haunted Me

    The Haunted Me #2 page 4

    Another page into the story. Oddly enough I was having a lot of trouble thinking of what Eric would say in the final panel … a lie that sounds convincing enough to Marie but not to us given the hint of the center panel. I was going to use “by monsters in a maze” but that was vague enough that the reader might think there is a connection.  Part…

  • The Dead Sisters

    Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #52

    You can read the whole comic here. Back to Sunflower and Daffodil. I really didn’t have much for Daffodil in this one, but I wanted to talk about Sunny’s PTSD. Actually, all the Sisters suffer from some form of PTSD, all of them having been killed to become who they are, but Sunny’s is particularly damaging.

  • Illustrations

    2020 Illustrations

    I did some illustrations this year!  Here is a collection of those that I did this year. Amethyst Princess of Gemworld.  I grew up reading this amazing series drawn by Ernie Colon back in 1983. Although it’s been revived a few times nothing can capture the original magic of the Maxi-Series. It’s rare that I do fan art but I always wanted to draw this character. Depressed Character from…