• The Haunted Me

    The Haunted Me #2 page 3

    THe third page of The Haunted ME #2.  As I write this I’m well into the next page, enjoying getting into this after being weird about starting the second chapter. It’s always easier to get started once the ball gets rolling.

  • depression comix

    depression comix #469

    Click on this link to see the comic in full. Jacana returns, always one of my favorite characters to draw in depcom.  In the first 100 or so depcoms even-numbered strips were to show contraditions, parallels, and differences within depression.  This got really challenging to do continually so the two panel strips dropped off ofter that.  But this comic kind of goes back to that sort of analysis I…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #468

    You can look at the whole comic here. This comic is very political.  It shouldn’t be, but because there is an extreme right this comic takes a stand on the other side by default.  This is pretty much what I was feeling on the day of the election of 2020, when it seemed Trump was heading for victory. I did the layout that night, but was shocked to find…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #467

    You can go right to the whole comic by clicking here. I admire the people who have the courage to post their face to the world.  It’s something I don’t do that often myself. I have a picture on Patreon but that’s because it was suggested to have one to build trust. I don’t like how I look, I never did.  This is against my belief in everyone’s beauty,…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #466

    I really haven’t been updating this site, and it hasn’t been because I haven’t been making comics because I was still making them.  It’s just because it’s been a difficult period for me and having the spoons to do everything was really difficult. Over the summer I was effortlessly doing two comics a week, updating all sites and even making progress on books put September hit and everything became…