• The Dead Sisters

    Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #42

    You can see the whole strip here: https://www.claycomix.com/sunflower/posts/42/ Continuing directly from the last strip, Marigold continues her story. I thought about doing this as a long flashback, but that would just make it longer, and it’s not really the point of the strip. However, I do enjoy drawing these characters, but I do need to do something for the visual element.

  • depression comix

    depression comix #455

    http://www.depressioncomix.com/posts/455/ When I first posted this strip on my Patreon, I was really hesitant about it. Part of the problem was the third panel. I got lazy and decided to draw only five people, so I thought maybe the point would be lost. The other part was that #blacklivesmatter was capturing the attention of the world so I thought it was a little out of touch.  I talked to…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #454

    http://www.depressioncomix.com/posts/454/ I did this after I drew 455. 455 is another corona virus strip, and when I finished that one I really felt the timing was off, especially when #blacklivesmatter and defund the police protests were really more in the news in that moment. So within a day or two I drew this strip and posted it to show my support. I posted this and the next strip together,…