• depression comix

    depression comix #450

    You can read the comic on the depression comix site here. The last depcom was a nod to the coronavirus and I got a lot of flak for having the characters using masks. I live in Japan, where the use of masks is a very common site and there is no stigma attached to using them for hay fever, if you are sick, or if you want to prevent…

  • The Dead Sisters

    Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #35

    You can read the strip at the Sunflower and the Dead Sisters site here. [SPOILER WARNING] I was really worried about how this strip would play. I’ve been keeping the left side of Sunflower’s face under wraps for the entire series, only (but purposefully) showing it in flashbacks that happened before the incident. When you reveal something about a character you’ve been keeping a secret for over a year…

  • depression comix

    depression comix #449

    To see the comic on the depression comix site, click here. I’m rarely this topical. Usually when I have a topical idea, because of the process it takes a week for it to go up and it’s no longer topical. It says something about the speed of life nowadays but unfortunately, this topic isn’t going away soon. Wash your hands, keep away from people as much as you can…

  • The Haunted Me

    HAttiE – Sunday June 12th, 2016 – Page 17

    The next page of HAttiE. I’m not sure where this page is leading, but in all my drafts for this overall story I never really focused on Marie’s character that much, but now that I’m actually writing and drawing it I find that she has a story too. They’re both having trouble adjusting to their new surroundings, it isn’t just Eric.

  • The Dead Sisters

    Sunflower and the Dead Sisters #34

    Click here to see the comic on the Sunflower site. Emmy now seeing Marigold for what she is, is now freaking out. I wanted to have some exposition about Marigold’s background but I had a problem — nobody comes in this bathroom, which is really odd for a bathroom in a bar. So I had to get them out of there in a hurry, so we get to see…