A Strawberry Memory page 27

We must finally be getting near the end if there’s hugging involved! I have to admit I had a lot of possible dialogue for these two characters but scrapped a lot of it because I knew I had to end this comic at some point so I could go on to the next one. I really like these two characters, and it’s a great experience to bring them together in their “origin” story.

You can read the entire story here: https://www.claycomix.com/forloveandlight01/

depression comix #430

You can read the comic on the depression comix site here.

This is a continuation of the storyline from #428. I like working on storylines because I don’t feel like I have to start from scratch at panel 1, I can just add to what I’ve already done. In this strip, it looks at the lack of support for people who have had a suicide attempt, and the stigma they have to deal with. It’s compounding, because you still have everything you had before the attempt plus some fresh stigma and newfound isolation too. Instead of looking at them like they need support, they get “What the hell is wrong with you”. People who have survived are in danger and are in great need of help.

depression comix #429

You can read the comic on the depression comix site here.

I was having a tough week coming up with an idea for depression comix. I have an idea book with lots of ideas but nothing seemed to jump out at me, so I decided to go to my own standby, and that is just talk about myself. I’ve been doing this comic since 2011. It got me back into drawing comics and I’ve been consistently productive ever since, an amazing feat considering how patchy I’ve been in the past.  In a lot of ways this comic has been my journey for the last eight years of my life and constant companion, a place where I can express myself and reflect on what has happened to me because of depression. To the comic, I give thanks, and to the people who’ve read and supported me, I give more thanks.