depression comix #413

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This is a continuation from #412 although that was a stronger comic overall. But I believe this needed to be said, talking about trauma isn’t as easy as some people believe and I wanted to have a comic to put out there about it. I didn’t get a great response over the last one, I lost a few followers and I think a couple of Patreon supporters as well. So, this will probably follow suit. But I’m distressed over the lack of sympathy we have for survivors and I feel I have to do something about it.

depression comix #412

The comic can be found here:

This comic was basically created because of the controversy surrounding Christine Blasley Ford’s testimony and the problem of memory. With trauma, there are some things you simply don’t forget. And there are simply things you could never forget even if you tried. I haven’t really got into PTSD in the comic before but it’s time to take a look at trauma and what it does to a person, because trauma is linked to depression.

Within minutes I got a “what about men” post, inferring that because the character is a woman, I was not being fair to men.  A man is going to the Supreme Court because people did not want to believe a woman’s testimony. I think complaints of unfairness towards men aren’t going to really have bite this month.