A Heart Made of Glass Side Story: My Love Letter To You

In 1999, the local fanart group that I joined decided to make a doujinshi that we would sell at the Artist Alley at Anime North, Toronto. We each had to do a short comic, an illustration for the cover as well as a “fan service” art. This was my short comic contribution.

Commentary from November 9, 2001

I’m not going to get into who this was about, IF it was written about anyone at all. It did make some of my female friends freak out because they thought it was about them.

Because this was planned for printing, there is little computer manipulation of the product, just loads of crosshatching, a habit I have since gotten out of.

The point I like about this, is not that it’s a love letter, but sometimes we are cursed with a beautiful friend who we desire at a distance. There are things we want to say but lack the courage to do it, we drop little hints and because they are so small they get ignored. We all have these kinds of friends, the ones we are closest to yet we are most guarded about our true feelings. To me, this was a message to those I liked from afar, even though I could be only a friend. And with this comic, I said how I felt, and that was it, the feelings were let go.





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